Thursday, July 1, 2010

Salad Makes Me Nauseous

One of the most frustrating things for me is to decide to eat healthy, go pick up tons of healthy groceries, prepare a salad, and find myself nauseous by the end of it. There is no logical explanation as to why, but it seems when I eat certain foods (salads with a balsamic type dressing or overnight oats) I am fine in the beginning but near the end of the meal I think if I eat one more bite I'm going to be sick. Because of this, my refrigerator ends up full of produce that gets wasted- mainly baby spinach and salad greens.

Aaron thinks it is just because I'm not used to eating this way and that it will take some time to get me used to it. He may be right, and I hope he is. I really feel better inside when I think of what I have been putting into my body lately vs. what it was getting. Surprisingly I have not once been hungry since changing my diet. And when I do get hungry I have nothing but healthy things in my kitchen so I can grab something and not feel guilty about it. I miss certain things but I think once I get going well and have established a routine I will have something I really want one time per week- and not the whole day, just one indulgence once a week. I think deprivation of anything one truly loves is ridiculous and the only reason I am not indulging right now is so I can be sure I won't revert back to my old candy bar while watching tv ways.

Q and Cam just turned one year old on the 26th of June and their eating habits are changing. It really makes me look at myself at the same time and how I eat. Motherhood brings a whole new light to your opinions and how you live. It is time to transition them to cow's milk and honestly I'm not sure I want to. At the least I want to give them organic cow's milk because when I think of giving them regular milk I feel like I am poisoning them. This is crazy I know... I just get scared when I think about all the things in the food today and want my babies to be the healthiest they can be. I want to raise them to have a healthy relationship with food. I know I'm probably overreacting about the milk- I just want to do what is right for them as a mother and it is definitely a learning process.

In the meantime, there are tons of chores I need to do and I am getting nowhere anytime fast by sitting here. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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